What is SSI?

Scuba Schools International (“SSI”)

Scuba School International (“SSI”) has a long and rich history. SSI is a worldwide leader in diving education that specializes in business support for dive businesses. SSI offers over 1,900 Authorized Dealers in 90 countries, and with SSI’s Global Regional Centers you’re never far from diving expertise.

The result is a new direction in diving: satisfied customers; professional; and a successful industry.


Brief History of SSI

  • Established since 1970 in California, USA
  • Established since 1983 with the commencement of its operation for SSI Southeast Asia
  • With more than 21 Regional Centers internationally
  • Merger of SSI and National Association of Scuba Diving Schools (NASDS)


SSI’s Positioning in the Industry

  • Largest school based training agency in the world
  • Thus, required all dive leaders or instructors to affiliate with an SSI Authorised Dealer (e.g. RENScubaWorx)
  • This is to assures that instructors:
  • Provide quality training;
  • Adhere to training standards; and
  • Conduct themselves professionally.