About REN Scubaworx

SSI Diamond Dive Center

If you are looking for a dedicated scuba diving centre to introduce you to the world of scuba diving, you have found the right place! REN Scubaworx was established by a group of passionate leisure divers who share a common goal that is to spread their love for scuba diving and help people open their doors to the underwater world that not many have laid eyes on.

REN Scubaworx is a SSI accredited DIAMOND Instructor Training Center, offering a wide range of courses from Open Water certification to Instructor certification. We believe in providing not just a safe and enriching diving experience but also a fun adventure for all. Our ultimate goal is not only for you to learn diving but to LOVE diving.

So come, take the plunge and let us transport you to a whole new world, a world unlike any other you have seen.