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REN Scubaworx is a SSI accredited DIAMOND Instructor Training Center, offering a wide range of courses from Open Water certification to Instructor certification. We believe in providing not just a safe and enriching diving experience but also a fun adventure for all. Our ultimate goal is not only for you to learn diving but to LOVE diving.

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Open Water Diver

Becoming an SSI Open Water Diver is the best way to start your scuba adventure due to worldwide recognition!

Advanced Adventurer

SSI's Advanced Adventurer program was created so you can try out a variety of specialty courses before you commit to completing a full course.

The strength of REN Scubaworx is they have a bunch of friendly Dive Masters and Instructors that makes your dive trip enjoyable and memorable ones! They would put all the diver’s safety as their top priority and display a well-disciplined attitude when it comes to safety and conserving the ocean and beaches. The rental dive equipment are so clean and well maintained that they look brand new. I have done open water, leisure and several advance dive courses with REN Scubaworx as well and will definitely come back for more leisure and courses with them in future. It is a well regulated dive shop.
Allan Chang, OWD with REN Scubaworx since 2015
I thoroughly enjoyed my Open Water experience with REN Scubaworx. The instructors helped me to overcome my initial nerves about diving with their skill and enthusiasm. I was pleased that REN Scubaworx offers value for money, interesting dive sites and takes my safety seriously. It was my first peek into the underwater world and it won’t be the last!
Dr James Nobbs, OWD with REN Scubaworx since 2015
Back from a dive trip with REN Scubaworx, and I’m definitely going back diving with them again! Approachable and friendly dive instructors and dive masters who always put safety first, rental gears were well maintained. All these little extra care they focused on, enabled me to relax and enjoy more! Dive buddies were also recommended/chosen with extreme care to make sure the buddies complimented each other. REN Scubaworx was also flexible when it came to changing of dive sites and activities planned beforehand. With their safety and customer oriented attitude, without a doubt makes REN Scubaworx the “Go-To” dive center!
Jasmine Xie, OWD with REN Scubaworx since 2015
What I love most about REN Scubaworx is how well they keep things organised. I took my Open Water with them, and really appreciated how the classes and open water trip to Tioman were nicely paced and structured. The team also made me feel safe, secure, and relaxed during the drills, and gave me enough guidance to be a confident diver!
Mavis Ang, OWD with REN Scubaworx since 2015
Diving with REN was truly a remarkable experience. Not only will you be acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to be a competent and safe diver from a bunch of professional dive instructors, their dedication and love for the ocean also sublimely influences you unknowingly.
Toh Xing Jie, OWD with REN Scubaworx since 2015
I enjoyed my dives with REN Scubaworx because of the well equipped Instructors and Dive Masters in terms of knowledge and experience. Diving with them gave me the sense that I would learn everything properly as they take safety and drills seriously. They ensured we learn every skill we needed to know to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. I feel safe as their dive gears are kept in tip top condition as well. I would definitely recommend my friends to embark on their Open Water course with REN Scubaworx!
Lim Dai Yu, OWD With REN Scubaworx since 2014
Adhering to high safety standards and proficiency under water; the crew of REN Scubaworx conducts courses and leisure dives seriously with professionalism. On land, it’s all about fun and being part of a big family of divers. This is the place to be if you take your diving seriously, yet look forward to a dive that is safe, fun filled, relaxing and being part of knowing more divers!
Douglas Chew, OWD With REN Scubaworx since 2015


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