///Scubapro K6 Stainless Knife

Scubapro K6 Stainless Knife


If you’re a fan of full-sized dive knives you’re going to appreciate the Scubapro K6 Knife. Featuring a quality stainless steel blade with a traditional clip point, the K6 offers a fine hollow-ground cutting edge on the lower edge of the blade — best for making clean slicing cuts, and a serrated edge on top — best for sawing through rope. There is also a notch for cutting line.

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The contoured handle has a finger indent and a ribbed texture to make it easy to maintain a solid grip, even when wearing wet gloves. On the base of the handle is a stainless surface that can be used for hammering.

The Scubapro K6 Knife comes with an injected moulded sheath and two quick-adjusting buckle straps, and delivers all the cutting power and handling convenience you’re ever going to need.

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