///Scubapro Digital 330M Bottom Timer

Scubapro Digital 330M Bottom Timer


The Scubapro Digital 330 m builds on this world renowned, unique instrument, the new digital dive timer has been updated with advanced dive computer technology. The existing dive information is integrated with an instrument that displays depth to 330 m, calculates average depth during the dive and displays the ascent rate in metres per minute. The Digital 330 m will cater to technical divers as much as new divers looking for essential dive information.

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  • Displays & Rated to a Maximum Depth of 330 m.
  • Displays Average Depth alternating with Temperature.
  • Ascent Rate displayed in Meters Per Minute plus warning arrow.
  • Maximum displayed bottom time is 999 hours 59min.
  • More efficient, consumes less power than previous Digital Dive Timer.
  • Upgraded graphics on our ultra visible display
  • Unlimited altitude range accounting for variations in atmospheric pressure for precise accuracy.
  • Log book gives access to most recent 19 dives.
  • Depth accuracy: 0.1%, ±0.1 m.
  • Quartz clock time measurement.
  • Temperature display resolution & accuracy in full one degree increment (±1 °C).
  • -10 °C to +50 °C operating temperature range.


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