///Scubapro Compact Twin Console

Scubapro Compact Twin Console


The Scubapro Compact Twin Console is ideal for all divers looking for a compact way to carry their depth information and cylinder pressure. The gauges used in the Compact Twin Console are of a smaller diameter than most gauges on the market and are also very thin, the makes the overall package very compact. Ideal for divers looking to streamline their gear as much as possible and keep the weight of their rig to a minimum.

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Perfect for the travelling diver the Scubapro Compact Twin Console places both a SPG and analogue depth gauge right in the palm of your hand. Both gauges feature luminous dials which are very useful for those dives in darker waters, simply cover the face with a torch to ‘charge’ the dial and the face will glow for around 15 minutes. The rubber housing not only protects the gauge from use and abuse but also features a moulded loop for attaching a clip for more secure attachment.


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